Who Knows the Secret?

Well, most people don't know the secret...that's the nature of secrets. 

Those who know the secret are getting a bit weary because so many reporters and notables don't know the secret.  In fact, Dr. Michael Teitlebaum said so in his testimony at the House Judiciary Committee on Feb. 5, 2013:

"There are many criticisms of these temporary visas as they have evolved since 1997, including concerns about wage suppression, indentured workers, and use of such visas to promote offshore outsourcing."

"I believe this Committee will be holding hearings on such matters in the future, so I will not offer comments here other than to say it would be desirable to see the end of incorrect statements in the press that all employers seeking H-1B visas must show that they have first tried to attract U.S. workers for these positions."

Dr. Michael Teitelbaum, Senior Advisor to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Wertheim Fellow at Harvard Law School, and member of the Center of Migration Studies’ (CMS’s) Board of Trustees.

So in honor of him, we're on the hunt to find out, "Who knows the secret and who doesn't?"

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