Tech companies reveal their cards

Tech companies have revealed their cards: they don't ever want to look at an application from an American for their job openings on US soil.  This is how jobs are shunted away from Americans and entire technical fields are being cordoned off from American workers.

NO-HELP-WANTED-A.jpgThis is just brazen employment discrimination against talented Americans who are qualified for top-dollar, white-collar jobs in tech, education, finance, marketing and law.  Senators on the Judiciary Committee now know this.  So now does the media.  Even the AFL-CIO is now championing the cause that we have always pushed for: a crack at high-tech jobs:

"The idea that you're going to change the bill to deny American tech workers a shot at the jobs of the future - that's not good politics, that's not good policy and it isn't going to pass," said Jeff Hauser, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO.
"Our view is that technology workers in America who have invested in the skills of the future -- as the tech industry wants them to do - they deserve a fair shot at the jobs of the future," Hauser added.

Can you call 5 Senators to let them know YOU know what's up and YOU want them to stand firm?

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  • Virgil Bierschwale
    commented 2013-06-07 22:05:48 -0500
    bastards from hell

    keep america at work