Tech Companies Don't Hire STEM Workers; Other Companies Do

In ans effort to get more students to major in STEM fields, the U.S Census Bureau inadvertently exposed tech giant's discriminatory practices.  "STEM graduates have relatively low unemployment; however, these graduates are not necessarily employed in STEM occupations," said Census sociologist Liana Christin Landivar in an article posted on USA Today.

The Census Bureau reports that women now make up 45% of mathematicians and statisticians.  So much for the Old Wives Tale that women can't count.  In 2000, women made up 43% of the IT workforce.  Now, it's down to 24%.

If other companies can hire STEM workers, tech giants can do the same. It's clear they aren't doing so.  As I stated in the Associated Press article, "We have a shortage in the industry all right — a shortage of fair and ethical recruiting and hiring."

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