Sen. Hatch Doesn't Want Americans to Have a Shot at American Jobs

The contention is now over provisions in the immigration bill that make companies first seek and hire qualified Americans before filling these jobs on US soil with citizens from abroad.

Sen. Hatch (R-UT) is attempting to remove these provisions.  He doesn't want highly-skilled, talented professionals to have a fair shot at job openings we are qualified to do in our own country!

Tech companies have grown accustom to filling jobs on American soil without ever having to look at an application from an American.  This is how jobs are shunted away from Americans and entire technical fields are being cordoned off from American workers. This is brazen employment discrimination.

Our legislators have exercised their duty to ensure that the US job market is open to US talent.  These new immigration provisions will remove the current barriers that are denying our freedom to compete for US jobs--along with our basic right to work in the US.

Will you support these common sense provisions?

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