On Dan Rather Reports

In March, 2011,Dan Rather Reports documented how companies will go to any length, including breaking the law, to avoid hiring Americans. Read his explanation on Huffington Post and watch the entire segment.  Short on time? Watch the video below. 

"Conroy [Director of Bright Future Jobs] says corporations are using an alphabet soup of visas that, in essence, enable them to discriminate against American workers. The most longstanding problems, she says, stem from the so-called guest worker visas, such as the H1-B visa and the L-1 visa, which allow companies to import skilled foreign workers in specialty occupations to fill jobs in the United States.

Conroy showed us several job posting websites in India with dozens of ads -- some from U.S.-based companies -- recruiting people with one of these visas to come to the United States to work. Much of what she showed us was perfectly legal."

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