Notables Who Don't Know the Secret

Dr. Michael Teitelbaum is tired of reporters who don't know the secret.

On Feb. 5 2013, he told the House Judiciary Committee,"it would be desirable to see the end of incorrect statements in the press that all employers seeking H-1B visas must show that they have first tried to attract U.S. workers for these positions."

Bright Future Jobs agrees, and if you're reading this page, so do you.  Can you help us find reporters who don't know the secret?  We are looking for reporters who publish incorrect statements or who omit the secret entirely.

 These two reporters are omitting this important information...or just get it wrong.

Dan_Chapman__AJC_reporter.jpgDan Chapman, writing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, accurately states that, "Atlanta trails only New York, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco and San Jose in H-1B workers, according to the Labor Department. The average salary for them in Atlanta: $72,064." 

However, he incorrectly states, "the employer must take “good faith steps to recruit U.S. workers” for the position, according to the Labor Department."


Jay_Yarrow.jpgJay Yarrow, writing for, is misleading his readers by omitting the secret. He accurately states, "There is a new bill in discussion in Congress to make our worker visa program, the H-1B visa program, more expansive. Congress is considering expanding it to allow 300,000 workers to stay here on 6-year visas."  

A good reporter would follow that statement up with something like, "Companies would not be required to seek US talent first for most of these 300,000 jobs and companies could displace Americans from their jobs with these workers."


Have you found a reporter who doesn't know the secret?  If so, post the reporter's name and story link below.

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