National Public Radio (NPR) Interviews Bright Future Jobs on H1-b Secret

American Tech Workers Challenge H1-b Visa Story

Great story.  Senator Grassley states he'll be fixing the H1-b to require that companies seek American talent first.  NPR also mentions the DOJ recommendation to fix this program. 

Finally, it covers the discrimination Americans face not just by companies using the H1-b program, but also how brazen the discrimination is when employers reject Americans in order to award a green card to the temporary worker for a permanent job in their company.


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  • Jobs ForUs
    commented 2013-02-21 14:34:33 -0600
    BRAVO!!! Thank you Donna and Bright Future Jobs for your stamina and perseverance. Let’s hope, mainstream media will follow NPR’s lead, and expose the truth about the H-1b via program.
  • Jm Lawrence
    commented 2013-02-21 08:46:08 -0600
    The first time I experienced H1-b discrimination, in the 1990’s, I had been down sized. I was receiving unemployment and each time I interviewed with a company that used H1-b’s to fill there high tech needs, I was called by the Texas Workforce Commision to see if I felt discriminated against. This time, I’m 15 years older, I’ve been doing contract work for all that time, and I am invisible. My resume garners the kind of interest that human resources departments can use to say they “attempted” to locate a domestic worker: I’m middle aged, female, and of ethnic diversity. I am qualified, I am being discriminated against, and I am not counted in any numbers the government documents for employment figures.