Jesse Jackson Ties H1-b Program to Tech Discrimination

Technical professionals know companies are using the H1-b program to avoid hiring Americans. But this is not well known among the American public.  Now, it's starting to be understood, thanks to Jesse Jackson and Color of Change's campaign to get Twitter to seek and hire qualified Americans for their job openings on U.S. soil.

Screenshot_2014-07-30_15.11.23.pngThis is what Jackson has done and will be doing soon:

  1. Jackson met with Labor Secretary Tom Perez to press for a review of H-1B visas.
  2. He wants Americans to have first access to high-paying tech work.
  3. Jackson's group plans to file a freedom-of-information request with the EEOC to acquire employment data for companies that have not yet disclosed it publicly. Those companies include Amazon, Broadcom, Oracle, Qualcomm and Yelp.

 Watch the video and read the entire article here.

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  • Michael Emmons
    commented 2014-07-30 18:27:00 -0500
    Yes, I agree, it’s good to get awareness, even if it’s Jesse Jackson doing it. I read the article on USA today and the comments too. Way too many people don’t get the injustice these visas do to well-educated American citizens. AND even more don’t understand the magnitude of the L-1 “intra-company transfer” visa.

    Here is how those H-1b visas worked for our IT department:

    I am one of 20+ Americans ordered by corporate mgmt to TRAIN our replacements. Our replacements were TATA India employees, holders of H-1b and L-1 guestworker visas. Once trained the Americans were given a severance and a pink slip; while foreigners on visas lived and worked in Lake Mary, FL.

    Contacting our US Rep and 2 senators was a worthless cause. The senators would not reply. But, our US rep did. He said he’d help us, but 30 days after we contacted his office, Rep John L. Mica(R-FL) was cashing campaign checks from the corporation replacing their Americans. Who do you think he cares for?
  • Lee Cook
    commented 2014-07-30 17:17:07 -0500
    Glad to hear about this raised awareness. H1B visas misuse is only a part of the problem. Multi-level India based recruiting, interviewing and hiring, as the middleman for US IT workers to get jobs with US companies can often be dysfunctional for all parties. The Indian govt has announced 5 million more Indian IT workers by 2015. Mommas better raise your babies to be cowboys, and cowgirls. ;(