Indian outsourcing giant fined $30M for stealing wages & tax refunds

How did Tata steal tax returns and break their salary contracts to Indians they placed in California jobs?  Because they first discriminated against Americans based on nation origin, using both H1-b (a hiring program) and L-1 (an employee transfer program). 

This is why we are demanding that visa programs be fixed to require all companies seek local American talent first.  Seeking local talent protects the United States from companies that do evil. 

So here's what Tata did to cheat their Indian workers:

After discriminating against Americans, they bate and switched the Indian employees.  This is called breach of contract.  The law firm representing the Indian workers explains:

"In standard employment contracts, Tata promised to pay its employees a gross U.S. salary and a separate Indian salary. Tata's unauthorized deductions from its employees' wages prevented Tata's employees from receiving both their promised U.S. salary and Indian salary."

As insulting and infuriating as this was, then TATA made them sign over their U.S. tax returns.

There's a lively discussion going on at the Times of India site.  While most find this reprehensible, a few explain why these practices continue:

"The real problem for these employees will be the so called background check before the start of the next employment. In India if you raised a concern over the wrong doings of your bosses, you have to leave the job and then the next compnay will get a very negative reply from your current employer, so you dont get any jobs."

"Legally it is bad. In a way it is good because, only by this model both the indian companies and indian contract employees can survive."

Americans must rid employment discrimination in this country to prevent this type of corporate theft and intimidation.  This is the secret as to how it happens. 

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