IBM's Posts Discriminatory Want Ads; Now under 2-yr Monitoring by DOJ

Discrimination against American technical professionals--for job openings on U.S. soil--is widespread but hidden from the American public. The Department of Justice (DOJ) caught IBM red-handed, placing want ads that discriminated against U.S. citizens and green card holders.  While this was widely covered, the story hasn't gained momentum largely due to IBM's press spokesman's "non-comment."

It's clear that tech companies like IBM don't want you to know they brazenly break EEO laws.  They cover these white-collar crimes up by falsely accusing Americans of all stripes and flavors:

  • Experienced, highly-skilled performers are too old
  • New grads are too inexperienced
  • Women, Blacks and Hispanics aren't "smart enough" to major in these fields
  • Our public schools can't teach
  • Our universities can't graduate enough STEM students

The worst part?  We believe them and we blame each other, never knowing that white collar crimes--in recruiting and hiring--are being committed against us.

Yes, you've been lied to and betrayed. Will you share this page so we stop blaming each other and fix these hiring practices?


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