Hot Button of CIR-Corporations Want More Ways to Avoid Americans

Hidden amongst the discussions of comprehensive immigration reform is an effort to expand legal employment discrimination.  Companies to fill their U.S. job openings with foreign citizens without ever considering our talented Americans whom we've paid dearly to educate.  They want to expand corporate visas (guest worker programs), foreign student work permits and award green cards to foreign students upon graduation.  This derailed comprehensive immigration reform in 2006-07, writes Franco Ordonez, for McClatchy.

 “All the shouting in the media is about ‘amnesty,’” Tamar Jacoby, president of ImmigrationWorks USA, which represents employers who favor more temporary workers, said in a panel discussion Friday about rethinking reform. “But the real hard part is this conversation between labor and business and structuring a system that works. Literally in ’06 and ’07 there were two debates going on. One was on TV, but the real hard talks in the backroom were about business and labor and getting this right. And they were very stubborn talks.”

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