H1-b & L-1 Reform Act of 2013

"Seek American Talent First Act is a better name for this legislation since currently companies can recruit abroad--legally--without ever giving qualified Americans a chance to compete for jobs in our own country," said Donna Conroy, Director of Bright Future Jobs. 

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people_in_flag.pngThis bill will require companies to seek Americans first for their US job openings by:

  1. Forcing companies to post the job opening on the Department of Labor's web site for 30 days so Americans can apply. Companies must provide a description of the job, the wage offered and how to apply for the open position.
  2. Prohibiting companies from posting "H1-b Only" want ads, or targeting foreign citizens in their recruitment ads. Companies caught doing so would be barred from the H-1b program for one year.
  3. This bill will deny companies that have a pattern or practice of discriminating against Americans from using the H1-b program if a company's workforce is comprised of more than 50% visa workers, ie, workers currently on H1-b and L-1 visas.

This bill will stop companies from forcing us to train our foreign replacements by:

  1. Preventing companies from firing Americans for 6 months after an H1-b worker is hired.
  2. Preventing temp staffing agencies from hiring foreign citizens on H1-b or L-1 visas and then placing them in temp jobs at other corporations that actually have jobs.

This bill will  prevent companies from filling entry-level jobs with foreign citizens on H1-b visas and increase all wages for H1-b visa holders.  Currently, federal agencies have no authority to oversee or audit companies for compliance with US law. The bill will allow the DOL, USCIS and the State Department oversight and auditing functions and provide funding to carry out these functions.


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