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Donna Conroy has appeared on Nation Public Radio, Dan Rather Reports and has been quoted in Businessweek, HR Executive Magazine, Science Careers, CIO Magazine, and Computerworld on the impact of corporate visa programs on the US IT workforce. She occasionally blogs on HuffingtonPost. Conroy has spent over 20 years in IT support, technical writing and project management in business, education, and government. She can be reached at donnaconroy (at)

Mike Rothschild, Treasurer


Mike Rothschild has worked in all aspects of the industry with a focus on SAS, UNIX, MVS, systems integration and automation. Despite holding an MS in Information Science with 30 years experience he, along with other colleagues, faced cyclical unemployment. Several of his positions included offshoring jobs; one included returning jobs to US shores because the company found they couldn’t offshore the work. He can be reached at mike (at)


 Yolanda Lewis is a former software engineer in Silicon Valley. She has been quoted in the San Jose Mercury News and CNN Money concerning efforts by these two media firms to report EEO data on Silicon Valley tech firms. Since the story broke in 2011, Facebook, Apple and other firms are continuing to hide this data.  Yolanda is our Legislative Adviser.


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  • Yun Hao
    commented 2014-03-29 19:07:01 -0500
    something must be done to stop this!
    see link below:
  • Yun Hao
  • Yun Hao
    commented 2014-03-22 17:35:31 -0500
    If you are not Indian and got hired, your Indian co-workers may do whatever they can do just to get rid of you no matter how qualified you are and how nice you are to your Indian co-workers. That was I have been through.
  • Yun Hao
    commented 2014-03-20 16:49:15 -0500
  • bob cat
    commented 2013-11-30 18:47:18 -0600
    Thank you
  • infosys hunter
    commented 2013-07-30 08:39:51 -0500
    Hi Guys,

    I have some information to share. I am Infosys employee and just find out that Infosys had faked resumes of employees to get H1b visas in the past.

    One of my friend who was working in Infosys form 2 years in X client. Infosys filed H1 Petition for client Y and changed the history that he is working for Y client and not X for 2 years which is not true.

    The records still exists in embassy petition (US) and if some one contact the client then it can be easily proved that the employee never worked for client Y in that time frame.

    Is this really serious violation. If someone can help with this I can provide all information.
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