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Bright Future Jobs was founded in 2006 by Donna Conroy and Mike Rothschild. Like you, we were surprised to discover openly discriminatory want ads--in fact--we were horrified!  You see, we were children when American corporations routinely posted discriminatory want ads.  We thought those days were behind us

Claiming high-tech leaders have a unique brilliance that no other business leaders heretofore possessed, they openly scoff at the notion that they "play by the rules" of American Opportunity.  They act like EEO laws don't apply to them.

These high-tech heavyweights evangelized "creative destruction".  They closed state of the art high-tech manufacturing.  They fired tens of thousands of our most productive highly-skilled professionals in the prime of their careers. They made us train our foreign replacements so they could send work abroad--all courtesy of  corporate visa programs.

We’ve now launched a year long campaign to end the discriminatory hiring that is blocking us all—white, black, Hispanic, men, women, old, young, even military vets—from competing for jobs we are qualified to do. 

We'll never be the Land of the Free until we become the Home of Brave Americans, stopping this employment discrimination.

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  • Ann Farmiga
    commented 2016-10-26 18:08:08 -0500
    We should have congress train their replacements. They’re wrecking everyone’s future and they have no understanding of what the job market is today. And this constant barrage from the media telling us h1b visas are necessary. Americans have great work ethics.
  • Chris Mizera
    commented 2013-02-26 10:38:54 -0600
    You do realize you sound bananas.
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