John Kawakami

I think the H1B guest worker program is being abused, and all guest worker programs help to suppress wages.  I think the way to resolve this is by shoring up the rights of H1B workers,  while simultaneously stopping the growth of the program, and regulating the recruitment process.  Ultimately, H1B visa holders should be fast-tracked to get green cards and citizenship, and the program should be terminated and replaced with a green card program.


Interested in a Union?  Well, there isn't that much active organizing going on for programmers, but you can form a worker organization even if you don't have a majority.  Check out

In VFX?  Yes, it's not programming, but some houses have hackers.  There are a couple efforts to orgainze.  Sign the card:


Regarding labor issues - if you would like to network, you can contact me at 626-710-8365.

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