If You Knew a Big Lie Prevents Americans from Standing up for Just and Fair Hiring, Would You Help Us Bust It?


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  • commented 2015-03-05 17:48:03 -0600 · Flag
    Yes Donna I will send this around. Thank you for posting.
  • commented 2015-03-01 13:23:21 -0600 · Flag
    Jackson, you hit the nail on the head. Yes, HR managers & workers do know that the legal discrimination provided by visa laws also opens their company to big, fat Title 7 lawsuits. (Jackson is using the proper term but it’s widely and incorrectly called EEO by average Americans so i stick with this term.)
    Actually, Jackson, right now it is better to forward this video to friends and family at the moment. In a couple of weeks, we’ll have a large # of Americans contacting Congress.
    BTW, getting huge, positive feedback from the email—even donations! I think we hit a home run. Let’s see; please send around and let me know the results you are receiving.
  • commented 2015-03-01 13:09:21 -0600 · Flag
    Donna – thank you for all your efforts and for leading this cause.

    I agree enforcement towards these portals is an important step. The other side of this is the HR departments who are posting these ads who SHOULD know the law better. I would expect someone in any HR department to understand Title 7 and particularly H1B visa laws much better before posting these. Anyone should be able to use company anonymous tip lines for these things and should be lodging complaints. This will create a sense of fear and respect amongst employers.

    In the end however our government is the end-all be-all in terms of visa quantities and enforcement. Of course large companies will act in their self interested by twisting the truth about labor distortions in order to get government to allocate more visas and loosen enforcement. Many unions, sadly, are also doing the same since they have become often more interested in increasing dues payers over protection of workers.

    I have personally emailed my Senators and Congressman as should EVERY tech worker. Mine are split Democrat and Republican but they all mailed back the usual banter about the “broken immigration system” and the need for more “highly skilled workers that can’t be found in America”. I won’t vote for any of them, and will even leave my ballot blank if that’s what it takes.

    It’s incumbent on all of us to urge our colleagues in the business not to sit idly by and at least be letting their legislators know where they stand. If we are silent then surely we shall be washed away by the tide of H1Bs that is sure to come.
  • commented 2015-03-01 12:54:05 -0600 · Flag
    Jackson, I agree. All Americans of goodwill should join us—it’s NOT about left, right or middle.

    I’m glad you brought up the issue of Dice ads on U.S. news sites. If we had stiff penalties against these ads, then Dice wouldn’t publish them in the first place. That’s why we are asking for stiff penalizes against the job portals. It’s a tragedy that this practice is so widespread that we find them on U.S. news sites. It’s doesn’t matter whether the editorial direction is right or left.

    We need to fix this problems now instead of worrying about the left and right divide. I’m sure you understand this urgency.
  • commented 2015-03-01 12:32:40 -0600
    Also you are portraying the AFL-CIO in a good light by only showing one of their quotes. The major unions like them and the SEIU make a lot of double talk supposedly supporting American workers but then on the other hand supporting mass immigration.

    This left-leaning video might help but we need to be unified on this cause and not be alienating supporters.
  • commented 2015-03-01 12:29:02 -0600 · Flag
    I think the intent here is good but one thing – you are alienating anyone right of center, where there are many supporters of your cause. You talk about Senator Durbin’s (D) actions 8 years ago. Jeff Sessions® and Bernie Sanders (I) have been championing against the H1B travesty very recently. Also those ads for Dice on Daily Caller and Breitbart you are making it look like only right wing websites are carrying these ads, which is not true and could be misleading. You need to be politically balanced here even if your politics lean left because you will get a lot more people to your camp. This issue is not about right or left since both parties clearly push the H1B stuff and the people against it in government also span both parties. Good jobs for Americans is not about political slant.
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