Racist, sexist, and ageist MAD MEN don't just live as characters on your TV screen.  They inhabit the corporate offices and Human Resources departments of technology companies across the nation.  Technical professionals and the Department of Justice are standing up to make tech careers available to all Americans.

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@tpimmigration Garland Victor Leos charged Filipinos $1,000 for inteview; pocketed the money. Only seek local talent first will fix this.
@britefuturejobz tweeted. 2014-04-15 11:37:56 -0500
@demsramshield great post. Keep up the good work and passion!
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@britefuturejobz Durbin angry w/ Big Tech for pushing stand alone H1B bill http://t.co/plY4xL0PfH American workers betrayed! #SellingUSOut
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Award-Winning Author, Speaker, International Business Expert
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@jrmartinmedia @britefuturejobz This is true, except in the field of medicine.
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US companies not required to seek qualified US citizens for jobs in US before hiring foreigners. http://t.co/OakGlHXTsI via @britefuturejobz
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Minnesotans for Alternative Methods of Medicine, hoping for hemp legalization ASAP, food is medicine and compassion is key, one love,one heart,irie @errandsans
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photography hack adventurist,free thought catalyst,hemp advocate, i like to make you smile, see through the cracks and stay for a while @2014mamm @immindcollect
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I have been out of work for 3 years, I have 13 years experience, I am 38 years out. This is insane the government and greedy corp should be punished.
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something must be done to stop them!

Indian IT firm accused of discrimination against “stupid Americans”

see link below:
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@phoenixwomanmn @britefuturejobz Thanks - yes, there is much to be written about all those problems.
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